Terms & Conditions

1) These general terms and conditions form part of the car rental agreement between the rental company Caribe Car Rental and the renter of the vehicle.
2) This agreement can only be amended in writing to be signed by the renter
3) In this agreement the word ‘vehicle’ means a car, pick-up, jeep, bus, truck, scooter or any other vehicle as specified in the rental agreement. Furthermore, where applicable, it also implies wheels, tools, equipment, accessories and vehicle documentation.

Do you know that:
Rates are based on a 24-hour rental
Minimum age for rental is 23 years with a valid drivers license, if you are between 18 and 23 years old a deposit of $1000,- is required
Baby seat is free off charge
ABB: 6% (Sales Tax) added to all rental fees
Government Tax US$ 4.50 per day added to all rental fees
Night fee, $30.- will be charged during night time between 10 PM and 7 AM
Car rental rates are quoted in US dollars.
A credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) must be presented upon rental or if there is not a credit card, a cash deposit off US$ 565.- is required, plus the rental fees.
We don’t accept American Express credit cards. In rare cases is it possible to pay with AMEX, but there will be an extra charge of 8% added the total bill.
Between December 15th and April 30th all rates are +15% because of the high season.
Prices are subject to change without notice
In rare cases, the vehicle you’ve made a reservation for, may be replaced with a similar vehicle.
Each vehicle is provided with a spare tire and the necessary tools. In case of a flat tire or damaged tire, the renter is responsible for repairing and replacing this tire or he will be charged for it.
Only the pickup trucks are allowed to transport dive gear, go to dive sites and visit the Washington Slagbaai Park.
In case of ‘no show’ or a cancellation by the client less than 1 week prior to arrival, we will charge a fee of $ 100.-.

It is forbidden to overload the vehicle with more passengers than allowed for said vehicle.
The renter agrees that he receives the vehicle in proper working order; he must drive in a proper manner, and return it in the same condition, except in the case of mechanical failures and/or normal wear, which must be reported immediately to the owner.
The renter is responsible for the maintenance of the oil level for the proper operation of the vehicle and the water level for its cooling.
A deposit of US$ 565.- or US$ 100.- is compulsory and will be returned at the end of the rental, after compliance of all obligations of the renter.
The deposit is valid for the length of the Rental and cannot serve as a unilateral prolongation of said rental.
The renter remains personally responsible for all contraventions or misdemeanor offenses he could render himself responsible for during the driving of the vehicle. Under no conditions could the owner be charged or investigated for such motives. The renter must not hold the owner responsible for any items of clothing and/or articles carried or left in the vehicle. The responsibility of the renter is covered by the insurance page on this website.
Fuel is not included in the rent. Returned vehicles must contain the same amount of fuel as when they were handed over to the renter. If this is not the case, there will be a refill charge for each shortage of 1/8 fuel tank. The renter is not entitled to any refund for over-tanking. Before tanking the renter must ascertain which kind of fuel the vehicle requires. Caribe Car rental can never be held liable by the renter for any damage caused by usage of the wrong kind of fuel for the rented vehicle. The renter will be held fully liable for any and all damage caused to the vehicle engine, in case he/she has used the wrong kind of fuel.
The renter is not allowed to drive on unpaved roads or in the National Park, unless he has rented a pick-up truck . Damage to vehicles due to driving on unpaved roads is not covered by the insurance. If vehicles are found to have been used in the National Park, Caribe Car Rental shall have the right to charge the renter a fine of US$ 150.- The renter himself shall be responsible for salvaging the car, if this should be necessary.

All rental contracts are executed under the jurisdiction of the laws and courts of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands , and therefore, this agreement shall be determined according to the laws of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands to the exclusion of any other courts!